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Below are links to the ESL Intake information for schools in Red Deer Public.

Alberta Education's has newly released English As A Second Language Guide to Implementation for K - Grade 9.  It is posted on Alberta Education's website.

This resource provides comprehensive information for effective programming.

Enjoy reading this exciting new ESL resource!

ESL K - 9 Guide to Imp.pdf

Tips for ESL teachers 2007-2008.doc

This resource manual for teachers that work with international students from Global Partners Institute.

Host School Resource Materials.pdf

ESL Benchmarks Powerpoint Presentation

Introduction to ESL Benchmarks  - PPT1 - April 28 2010.ppt

LINKS Web Pages of Great ESL Resources

GRAMMAR FOCUS - This site includes tutorials and interactive activities. There are weekly lessons. – This site has links to many different topics.~There are online grammar quizzes. - This website offers good explanations of a variety of grammatical points. The website also has other useful resources for ESL teaching/learning.

READING FOCUS - Has a selection of readings from which to choose. - There are readings representative of children’s stories, poetry, novels, short stories, and historical accounts. Recordings of the texts are also available.

IDIOM FOCUS – This site also has information on grammar, etc., but is quite useful for clarity on idioms.  - Idioms are arranged based on topic or based on the alphabet.

LISTENING FOCUS - This is mostly a listening exercise website with various lengths of listening tasks.~ There are some with pictures as well as some tasks have the text with it.~ There are comprehension checks on there as well. The neat thing is that it is very multi-cultural with the inclusion of a range of accents.

PRONUNCIATION FOCUS - Gives visual explanations of how we make our different sounds in English. Could be useful for a teacher trying to help students with English pronunciation, or for older students to investigate on their own. - Has listening practice with minimal pairs that may cause difficulties for English language learners. Dictation practice is also available.

DICTATION FOCUS Here is a site that has short dictations at different levels. They are in British English, but you can skip the listening and print them out to read out yourself.

ALL-INCLUSIVE – Has links to various activities, including podcasts, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. Podcast section has links to many different sites, including ESL and Archie (comics). - This website is separated into activities for different language levels. There are grammar, vocabulary, and reading tasks for each level. - Scroll down to Practice English Online. From here, there are links for interactive activities for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, etc. – There is a long table of what’s available is shown on home page, but it’s much better to use the search function. It is designed with links to vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation activities. The site is set up for use by both teachers and students. - This website has an array of interesting interactive activities for ESL students. Some of the links include jokes, proverbs, tongue twisters, and podcasts. - 365 short stories available for listening and/or reading practice. The site also includes over 2000 conversation topics. Appears to be for beginner and lower-intermediate language students.

FILM FOCUS– This website has links to many different movies for which activities for ESL students have been developed.

CANADIAN CONTENT - Success stories of immigrants to Canada. - Click on the About Canada section. Various topics introduced. Also includes a photo gallery of the country in the Provinces/Territory Section. - 10 different thematic units that are colour-coded based on language level.  Each unit includes a listening/reading text and an assortment of before and after activities.

CURRENT EVENTS - Free English lessons based on weekly news stories and monthly feature stories. – Is a simplified version of It is a British website. It has printable lessons that include pre/post activities. – An assortment of topics for studying current events and the news. A new lesson is added approximately every 3 days. The site and lessons are designed similarly to – Has weekly/monthly current events that include a variety of tasks. Website also includes grammar and vocabulary activities, as well as podcasts.

MORE FOR TEACHERS - Can type in a name and if it is in the database, you will be able to hear the correct pronunciation for it. Could also be useful for students trying to pronounce ‘Canadian’ names. – The Teachers’ Resource center has an assortment of resources to use with ESL students. - Has an assortment of lesson ideas. - This site contains printable teaching materials for a variety of topics.

FOR CHILDREN - Designed for young beginner English learners. Part of the site includes lessons with animated videos.

PAY SITES - $22 US for a one year subscription. Site has over 300 worksheets from which to choose. Teacher notes are included. It is constantly being updated. Focus may be more EFL than ESL. Creators of website are Japanese. - $20 US for a basic subscription or $40 US for a subscription that includes access to everything. The site includes a range of printable activities, including graded readings. - $39.95 (US) for an annual subscription. There is a 10 day free trial. It is a search engine for lesson ideas and worksheets. - $40 US for a 6 month gold subscription which allows access to all lesson plans and vocabulary flashcards.